Written January 22, 2013

Today was such a good day! Proof:

  • The guy I ordered all of the boards and post from for  the school garden construction finished them 2 days EARLY (unheard of in Madagascar) and wasn’t even mad when I didn’t have the money to pay him (I am going to the bank tomorrow).
  • I finally killed I giant (hand sized) spider that has been hanging out in my shower so now I can go back to bathing in peace.
  • I think I officially scared away the biggest trouble maker of the kids who hang out at my house. After she visited one day I noticed that a whole container of plants at the front of my house was torn up. The next time she came over I spied on her and caught her in action and when I yelled at her she ran away looking terrified. She hasn’t been back for three days!
  • I found a company that is willing to donate the PUL fabric for my washable pad project! YAY!
  • I arranged for a community member to go to Moramanga with me tomorrow to buy supplies for the school garden project so I don’t have to stress out about it all on my own (funny story, he came over to check out the budget and to make sure I had everything we needed to buy and it turns out I forgot one thing… the bribe money for all the police stops along the road, ha).

Progress with my woman’s gardening group is going slower mostly because this is such a bad time for me to be asking them for money. We are coming up to the main rice harvesting period soon but right now everyone is out of money from selling rice last year and we are dealing with high food prices because cyclone season is not kind to crop production (or roads meaning that even packaged food prices have increased due to transport difficulty). I had a meeting for the women to pay the second payment (2,600 Ariary or slightly about $1.20) and only about half paid. Some people came to the meeting and said they couldn’t afford it and lots of people didn’t come for the same reasons. I told them all it was fine. I am going to cover the remaining portion of the community contribution up front and once they pay me back they can collect all their tools. I think once all the stuff is actually here for the women to collect (end of the month/beginning of next month) the women will be a bit more excited and willing to scrounge up the funds.


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