Written December 8th, 2012

This is the name I have given the latest mouse to take up residency in my house. In the past the mice have at least been kind enough to stay in hiding during the day and if they did see me, to quickly run away terrified. Not fucker. He is always running around. During the day, during the night, pooping in all sorts of weird places. He scuttles around my feet while I sit at my table, he digs around in plastic bags when I am trying to sleep, he is trying to set up refuge in my basket of shoes, and he loves to run up on my gas stove, especially when I have people over.

Also, he refuses to die. He eats the things off the snap traps without them going off and he completely avoids the sticky traps. I have gone after him with broom handles and shoes to no avail. I hate him, hence the name. 

Today though was a new low for our relationship. I was sick all today, the sickest I have been here in Madagascar. I have all sorts of gastrointestinal stuff going on plus all day I had a head ache and was super fatigued and feverish (I am giving it 24 hours and if it not better by tomorrow morning I will call the doctors, I actually feel a lot better already and was able to eat something for dinner). So all day long I laid in bed and oscillated between reading and sleeping. It was actually quite a miracle. Saturday is the worst possible day to get sick because there are constantly kids at my house, but today it was quite! I must have had some good karma saved up.


This is what I looked like all day so if any kids were to have stopped by I think I would have scared them away pretty fast.

Anyways, my bed is a piece-of-shit bed giant hunk of foam which is barely tolerable for sleeping hours, let alone laying around all day. By the afternoon I had made a giant dent in it and my back was hurting super bad. So I decided to lay on the floor for a while and give the bed a chance to fluff back up. Can you guess what happened next? That’s right, fucker decided to mess with me. He was running all around me and ran OVER my legs a couple times. No respect I tell you.

There was also a strange moment when I was in a half asleep on the floor in a slight fever/dehydration delirium when I heard something in my room. I figured it was fucker so I reached for my Rubik’s cube on my night stand to hurl at him (my Rubik’s cube’s primary use)  but when I sat up I found a dog looking at me (note: I do not own a dog…). He immediately ran away. It was very strange.        


3 thoughts on “Fucker

  1. Hola Kara,

    Oh boy! What a laugh riot at your expense. I am in the medical clearance phase of applying and am waiting for my very thick packet to arrive in the mail. The other night, I watched a youtube video of a PCV killing a rat in his house. I can probably deal with bugs better than rodents. Feel better!


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