OVER funded?!

So it turns out my project got OVER funded by $100. Plus I know that there is at least $75 more in checks that haven’t been received yet. Ahhh! This is TOTALLY awesome but also stressful! I have to redo my budget and make it so that the community contribution is still 25%. With only the $100 that means $25 which is a good amount of money here. That can be contributed in labor, but then we would have to plan another building project! I am thinking maybe a tool shed? The guard at the big school garden has tools stored in his house which take up about half a room which is significant when you live in a 2-room house. This is all compounded by the fact that I only have 2 weeks at site until I leave for vacation (I have to leave earlier than expected because I am helping out at the education training to talk about school gardens). Ahhh! Happy but stressed!

So, if you have sent a check in follow these easy steps to help me out!

  1. You can call your bank to stop the check and just save the money for my next project. But, most banks charge a fee for this. 
  2. Or… you can call the Peace Corps Office of Gifts and Grant Management at 202.692.2181 and tell them that you want your check to go to the Madagascar Country Fund to be held for use in my next project. My mom already did this and it sounds painless. I also talked to the woman in charge of my project and she is super nice and helpful and understands the situation. Also, if the checks were sent by regular mail. They will take 2-4 weeks to reach Peace Corps (federal mail had be sanitized and all that jazz) so there is time!

I am probably going to finish up my new budget and collect the funds before these checks arrive. In which case, if you don’t call in and ear mark them for my next project the money will just go into the general Peace Corps fund and not to me. Still a worth cause, I am sure. But not the best case scenario.

Please email me at ihavefreckles@yahoo.com if you have any questions. I leave the land of electricity and internet tomorrow morning and head back to site but I can still keep up on email on my phone.

Also, I am ALONE at the meva right now (the Peace Corps house in the capital). There are freaking 22 beds here. This is insane!


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