My PCPP project is fully funded! Yay! At least I think it is because it is no longer on the website. You are supposed to get emails when you get a donation and I have gotten none of those. Peace Corps is painfully slow though. So don’t send money those who were considering it, and thank you to all!

Now I can get started on the next PCPP project I have floating in my head (well, after my vacation…). I really want to do a project making washable pads so that the girls in my community can go to class when they are on their period. This would mean that I would have to work mostly in my commune where the middle school is but also the upper grades of my elementary school (we have girls up to age 16 in the elementary school). Oh man, I am going to have so many uncomfortable conversations with Gasy people!


4 thoughts on “Funded!

  1. Sex Education is mainstream in Madagascar (PSI Madagascar). It had even a regular one-hour weekly program on TVs. It’s part of natural science 8th grade curriculum.

  2. Haha. Come tell that to my village! From my few chats it makes them super uncomfortable. But we don’t have TVs here and have only a handful of people have gone to eighth grade so maybe that’s why.

  3. I never learned anything from sex education, speaking personally. In fact, I think it makes it a more uncomfortable subject. What I was going to say, whilst I have no . . . particular expertise in this subject, is do you have to depend on peacecorps or USAID for actual help, or can you set up a trust in that nation and still conform to peacecorps rules? Hope you had a good vacation.

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