Written November 22nd, 2012

So I hav survived my first major holiday as a Peace Corps volunteer intact (unless I have a breakdown tonight or something). It was easy becuase it does not feel like Thanksgiving at all here, it is hard to reminese about fall-type things when you are constantly in sweat-inducing temperatures. Today was actually really great though, I had my second meeting of my womens gardening group! We plan to finish and submit the proposal on December 3rd so everything is going great so far. Today I brought up that they would have to pay a deposit to reserve their place in the project and everyone was okay with it and no one complained! Yay! Each woman is going to pay a third of the total costs for the items she is getting (a little less than $2). Everyone has to pay into a communal fund (to buy seeds, fertilizer, paint [to label tools] and notebooks/paper) and then she can also purchase a watering can, shovel, rake, and pitchfork if she needs them to build her garden. Yay! So excited!

Here are some pics of my ladies! And yes, some of them are looking at books instead of listening to me…

Women's gardening group - 1WomenIn other news, I had big plans to make mashed potatoes for my thanksgiving dinner, but alas, there are no potatoes to be found in my village today. So instead I am having rice and a chicken bullion cube (I need a break from all the cabbage and tomatoes I have been eating…) and a mango. Happy thanksgiving everyone!


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