RIP Kindle

Also written November 25th, 2012 but disturbing enough to warrant it’s own entryBroken Kindle

This is probably the most upset I have been over the course of my Peace Corps service thus far. I use(d) my Kindle for everything, everyday. I read on it at least 2 hours a day and had all of my technical agriculture documents stored on it. It kept me sane and working hard.
Here is what happened, I dropped it, but I refuse to say I broke it. It was was such an itty bitty drop and I cannot believe the damage it has done. I was sitting at someones house sitting on a seza kely (little chair) waiting for lunch and reading. A seza kely really is little  maybe about 3 inches off the ground.

Seza kely: a drop that should NOT kill a Kindle.

Seza kely: a drop that should NOT kill a Kindle.

Add the height of my hands and you get what, 9 inches, maybe a foot? And it didn’t even drop onto the concrete ground! It dropped onto a woven mat! After it happened all the kids looked in horror and said “its broken!” and I said “no it’s not, it’s strong” oh wait…..
So there are no cracks anywhere but the screen is all streaked and won;t go away even when I reset it and connect it to my computer (I can still access all the files on my computer though). I am so incredibly sad and disappointed  I don’t distinctly remember dropping my Kindle beforehand (which by the way, I only purchased about 8 months ago right before I came here) but it must have happened. I am SO surprised it died from such a seemingly minuscule drop.
However, I guess I have good timing for horrible things. I will be meeting up with a fellow volunteer and her parents for a Christmas vacation so, if I choose to buy a new one, they could bring it for me. It is the whole “buy a new one” that is difficult. Apparently they don’t even make the Kindle Touch anymore (when did that happen?!) and they only have some new, fancy version I have never heard of. Of course I want to buy it, but it is hard when even the cheapest one is only slightly less that your monthly living allowance. So yeah, I am undecided leaning towards not buying a new one (well, that is waht my bank account is saying at least…).
So what do you say Amazon help a very sad Peace Corps volunteer out? Help me replace and obviously fault Kindle that couldn’t survive a 9 inch fall onto a woven mat? At least give me a sweet discount?! Help a girl out!

Sad Kara

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One thought on “RIP Kindle

  1. uh big problem? Did you send this to amazon? Hang in there, may be Santa will come through?? I had an idea that you could buy a transister radio? D U M B me, you need a great station to listen to also…..Thinking of you, regards, Deb

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